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RE-OPENING SCHEDULE For the safety of our employees and customers alike, our brick and mortar store is temporarily closed until the case counts for Hawaii come down. We are still processing online orders regularly though so you can still purchase everything you need online at (online inventory counts match what we have at the store). For in-store pickups, please contact us directly to coordinate possible options if waiting until we re-open is not an option. For Returns & Exchanges, please use our postal mail option in the meantime. Mahalo for your patience and understanding.

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Ever since this stay at home order has been put into place, we've been racking our brains, trying to think of ways in which we can safely but effectively give back to those in need: those on the front lines without the proper protective equipment, those with special needs who have difficulty feeding and taking care of themselves, those who have lost their jobs... This crazy #covid19 pandemic has affected so many lives and I personally have been feeling helpless, stuck at home and unable to help.I've been asked by many if we will be coming out with our own...

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