"Home" Fundraiser Tee (for COVID-19 Relief Efforts)

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"Home" Fundraiser Tee (for COVID-19 Relief Efforts)

Ever since this stay at home order has been put into place, we've been racking our brains, trying to think of ways in which we can safely but effectively give back to those in need: those on the front lines without the proper protective equipment, those with special needs who have difficulty feeding and taking care of themselves, those who have lost their jobs... This crazy #covid19 pandemic has affected so many lives and I personally have been feeling helpless, stuck at home and unable to help.

I've been asked by many if we will be coming out with our own branded masks, and although I have thought about it (before #coronavirus was even a thing) for whatever reason, I would feel guilty trying to sell them during this crisis. Besides there are so many other groups and organizations and brands already doing an amazing job producing these who need your support.

One of the ideas I had was to instead, produce a #VH07V Fundraiser Tee, where 100% of the proceeds would go back to organizations already fighting the fight and doing a damn good job at it. Local shops producing protective shields and masks, Senior meal programs, Organizations supporting those who lost their jobs, etc. If we could somehow band together and help support multiple groups in need through the sale of this tee, then that might be how we can make a difference.

It's gotta be a tee that conveys the message of love and the impact this is having on all of us. Something that not only sends a message of hope and encouragement, but also one that people would be proud to wear, knowing that they made a small difference. Here is your chance to give back to those making a difference in the COVID-19 relief efforts. Contact us with your suggestions for worthy groups/organizations as well! Please stay safe out there and remember to always carry ALOHA in your heart.

* Heart concept in collaboration with Slovakia's Michal Tomašovič - @michal.tomasovic

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